Parama Pujya Swami Sri Nityananda Giri’s Youtube channel @swaminityanandagiri7136 features very valuable, informative and excellent videos on a variety kriya yoga topics and discourses. These videos are most valuable to a kriyavan. This page will be updated with links to videos based on topics.

Who am I ?

Swamijee gave a talk to the students and teachers of Surendranath College, West Bengal on 11th July 2021 on the topic “Who am I?” through their Value Education program. In this discourse Swamijee answers the fundamental question arising in the human mind - “Who am I?”.

What is Kriya Yoga

Swamijee explains in detail in a two part video series - What is Kriya Yoga ?

Discourse to Kriyavans on the day of initiation

To kriyavans on the day of initiation Swamijee explains about Dhyana, Dharana, Sukha, Duhkha, Pleasure and sufferings, Cause of sufferings, How to get rid of sufferings.

Chitta and Vritti - The constituents of the mind (mind-stuff)

Swamijee answers Kriyavan’s question on “What is Chitta Vritti?”. Swamijee explains - Before understanding about Vritti it is required to understand What is Chitta. The question is answered in a two part video series.

In this first video Swamijee explains What is Chitta and further explains its constituents and types of Chitta for understanding of the practitioners of Kriyayoga meditation.

In this video Swamijee explains what is Vritti and types of Vrittis.

Kriya Yoga Techniques

The videos about the various Kriya techniques shown below can be found here.

Kriya Proper I

Kriya Proper 1 or the main/core kriya technique has been described in detail and Swamijee has answered several questions posed by kriyavans and sadhaks via various videos both in English and Hindi. Those videos are available here on the main page Kriya Proper I. Individual links to specific topics are listed here for convinience.

  • Kriya Proper 1 Introduction link
  • Kriya Proper 1 Breathing Techniques (Further Explanation) link
  • Kriya Proper 1 Sounds Further Explained link
  • Kriya Proper 1 How far should the breath be pulled link
  • Kriya Proper 1 Is it right to pull the breath in reverse direction link
  • Kriya Proper 1 Some questions link
    • Maximum permissible kriya pranayama that one can do.
    • Impact if sādhak does it more than 144 breaths
    • Number of times a sādhak can practice kriya in one day
    • Any other guidance